2. Oeffingen Beach Tennis Open

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ITF Grade 4 Tournament May 3/4, 2014

2. Oeffingen Beach Tennis Open 2013Abb: Oeffingen BT Open 2013

Beachclub2010 and TV Oeffingen, the site of the Porsche Beach Tennis Grand Prix, will host the 2nd Annual Oeffingen Beach Tennis Open powered by VISION, May 3/4, 2014 in Oeffingen. This G4 level event is sanctioned by the Beach Tennis Division of the German Tennis Federation (DTB) and is an official stop on the 2014 ITF Beach Tennis Tour.

Tournament Quick Facts
  • ITF Tournament (G4), May 3/4, 2014
  • Venue: Beach courts at TV Oeffingen, Fellbach
  • Main Event on Saturday and Sunday, May 3/4
    • Sign-in deadline on Saturday at 9 am
  • Federation: German Tennis Federation (DTB)
  • Organisation: Beachclub2010
  • Contact: Maximilian Hamm (max@beachclub2010.de)
Additional Information